May 24

Easy Skateboard Tricks For Beginners



Today im going to be sharing with you guys, the 10 easy skateboard tricks for beginners. Maybe you have been looking for some easy skateboard tricks to learn. Because i know as a beginner  skateboarder it can be very difficult to learn new tricks. So down below is a list of tricks. I didnt explain how to do the full tricks.

1. Ollie 

This trick is the Ollie. A ollie is where the rider and the board jumps in the air. By popping the tail of the board and sliding your front foot up to the nose of the board, you will form the ollie. This is a very great trick to learn and its very fun. So go practice and show your skills off to your friends.

2. FrontSide 180

This is a frontside 180. A frontside 180 is basically like and ollie, where you turn your body  with the board 180 degrees. This is a pretty easy trick to learn Once you have your ollies down.

3. BackSide 180

This is a backside 180. This trick is pretty similar to the frontside 180s, except in this trick your turning your body and board in a opposite direction as you would for a frontside 180. This trick is very is once you have you ollies down. 

4. Pop Shove It

A Pop Shove it , is basically a trick where you spin the board 180 degrees in front of you.   and This is  a very simple trick to learn. 

5. Fakie Ollie

This trick is the Fakie ollie, this trick is pretty much an ollie except your going to be riding fakie (regular stance, rolling backwards). As your riding fakie do the motion as a regular ollie. 

6. Half Cab

This is the Half Cab,  one of my top favorite tricks. Basically in this trick your going to be  riding fakie (regular stance, rolling backwards)  and your body and the board does a 180. 

7. Fakie Big Spin

This is the Fakie Big Spin. This trick is where you are going to be riding fakie,(regular stance, rolling backwards)  and you do a 360 pop shuvit. This trick will take some time to practice to learn. 

8. Nollie

This trick is the Nollie which is very similar to the ollie, except your going to be popping off the nose of the board.

9. Frontside Pop Shove It

This is the frontside Pop Shove it, This is also very similar to the pop shove it, Except the board is going to pop behind you as it spins in the air. This is such a fun trick to do.

10. Kickflip

This trick is the kickflip , probably going to be your first ever flip trick. This is kinda a hard trick but with enough practice you will get them down. So basically for this trick your going to be popping the board, and at the same time sliding your front foot off the nose of the board.


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