May 23

How To Varial Kickflip


The Varial Kickflip is a combination of a pop shuvit and a kickflip.

Before trying this trick you might want to already know how to kickflip and pop shuvit, you dont have to necessary be able to do theses tricks, but i would be very helpful. However some people do learn the varial kickflip before the kickflip. So you should be just fine.

FOOT PLACEMENT- Start off by putting your back foot on the tail of the board just how you would for a pop shuvit or an ollie. For your front foot, place it in the middle of the board slightly angled to the bolts just how you would for a regular kickflip.

FORM THE ROTATION- Now that you got your foot placement, the nexts step is to get the rotation of the varial kickflip. Start off by popping the tail down of the board, and slide your back foot behind you like you would do for a pop shuvit. As soon as you pop and scoop. Flick your front foot of the nose of the board as you would for a kickflip.

LANDING- Wait until the board has done its full rotation before you try to catch it with your feet. Once you see the grip tape thats when you wont to catch the board with both of your feet. Be sure not to lean to far forward or backwards, be sure to keep your shoulders over the board this will help your landing to be alot easier.

PRACTICE- In order for you to master this trick you need to practice. The more you practice, and the more you put an effort into this trick. you will be more closer to landing it. This trick can be very difficult and frustrating so remember to never give up. Practice, practice, practice. 🙂


varial kickflip

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