May 23

How To Get Bearings out of Skateboard Wheels


How To Remove Your Bearings From Your Skateboard Wheels.

Today, im going to teach you a simple way to remove your bearings from your skateboard wheels. As a beginner skateboarder it can be very difficult and frustrating trying to get the bearing out. So Now let me teach you one of the most simple ways.

TOOLS YOU WILL NEED- Skate tool or a wrench.

START BY UNSCREWING THE NUT AXEL ON THE WHEEL-  To remove the nut that holds the wheel in place start off by using a skate tool, if you dont have a skate tool a wrench will do just fine. Now Take your skate tool or wrench and start unscrewing the nut by placing it in the socket, Keep unscrewing until the screw has gotten lose enough to the point where you can unscrew with your fingers.  Once you unscrewed the nut, slide your skateboard wheel at the very end of the axel. Be sure not to slide the wheel all the way off the axel.

REMOVE THE BEARING FROM WHEEL- Now that your wheel is on the very end of the axel, Take your finger and wrap them around the wheel as it was shown in the video. Nexts pull the wheel back against the axel until the bearings pops out, its kinda like opening up a soda can.

REPEAT THE PROCESS- Repeat this process until you have all your bearings out of your wheels. There you have it the most simple way to remove your bearings from your wheels. Hope the helped.



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