September 26

How To Ollie on A Skateboard For Beginners


 How To Ollie on A Skateboard!

The Ollie will most likely be your first trick you will learn on a skateboard. For the ollie, you want to be very comfortable on your skateboard, make sure you are able to ride your board without struggling. The ollie is where all four wheels come off the ground into the air.

FOOT PLACEMENT-  Start off by placing your front foot straight on your skateboard right behind the front bolts, it might help for you to angle your foot to the nose. Be sure not to have your foot, too far back or too far forward. Now place your back foot straight on the tail of your board, if you keep your back foot at the end of the tail in the pocket you will have a much better pop.

FORM THE OLLIE-  Once you have got your foot placement down, the next step is forming the ollie. Start off by giving the tail of your board a super hard pop, right after you pop your tail, slide your front foot all the way up to the nose of your board. After you pop and slide, your board should now form the ollie.

LANDING- Landing the ollie is pretty easy all you have to do is, keep your shoulder over the board and, keep your eyes on your board.

The ollie will be a difficult trick to learn especially for a beginner. Keep practicing and to never give up!



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  1. Cool! This content will greatly help skaters to do ollie, especially beginners. Worth sharing! Please do continue sharing tutorials and tips on tricks! Thank you for this, keep it up! love mine.

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