June 25

How To Kickflip


How To Kickflip On a skateboard.

The kickflip is probably the first flip trick you will learn, for the kickflip the only thing you need to be able to do is a really good Ollie. Make sure you have all the basic beginner tricks, its going to make the kickflip alot easier to learn.

FOOT PLACEMENT- For your foot placement, start off by putting your back foot on the tail of the board just how you would normally do for a ollie. For your front foot Place it in the middle of the board angled toward the nose of the board. Be sure not to keep your front foot to close to the tail.

FORM THE ROTATION- Now that you got your foot placement, the next step is to get the rotation of the kickflip. Start off by popping the tail of the board, Right after you pop flick your front foot off the side of the nose. Be sure to give it a hard flick so the board will form its full rotation. When starting off  it will take a while for you to flip the board the correct way so don’t give up.

LANDING- To land the kickflip, You want to wait until the board has done its full rotation. Once you see the grip tape, thats when you wont to catch it with your feet. Catching the board with your back foot first will make the landing so much easier. Keeping your shoulders over the board is very important.

ALWAYS PRACTICE- The kickflip is a hard trick to learn especially for a beginner skateboarder, so you wont to practice as much as possible. This trick will take a while for you to be consistent, so don’t give up the only solution is to practice.


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